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While there are many apps, websites and blogs available on the subject of meditation, the best way to get started is to set aside a little time to get shown the basics by someone who has practiced meditation. At a Let’s Meditate event, someone who has meditated for years and gained some insight into the world of inner experience that meditation offers will simply guide you through some exercises in concentration and meditation.

Typically the exercises will last a few minutes each. The person leading the workshop will talk those present through a breathing exercise, a form of “one one-pointed concentration” (using a candle flame or flower with the eyes open, or one’s heartbeat with eyes closed, for example) or a guided visualisation where we use the imagination as a doorway into meditation.

There will also be an opportunity to practice “mantra”, the use of a repeated word or verse with a meditative quality that helps us to still the mind and enter into a more peaceful and focused state of being. This can be combined with the use of meditative music.

Ultimately, the experience of meditation that each of us has is unique and individual, but the guided exercises help each person find their entry point to meditation and escape the distractions and difficulties that make it hard to get started if we try to learn meditation alone or simply from a book or website.