Washington DC Nov23

Washington DC

7pm Mondays – Nov 23 & 30 Duncan Branch Library 2501 Commonwealth Avenue Alexandria FREE — to register, please call:...

Bristol, UK Nov01

Bristol, UK

Sunday 1 November, 2.30pm – 5pm Clifton Library Princess Victoria St Clifton Village Bristol. BS8 4BX FREE — for reservations: call 0117...

Seattle Oct31


7:00pm Thursday, October 29th and 10:00am Saturday, October 31 Sri Chinmoy Centre 5651 University Way NE FREE: call 206-322-2600 for more information Seattle Let’s Meditate...

Ottawa, Canada Oct18

Ottawa, Canada

Sunday 18th October 2-5pm Room 1007, Faculty of Social Sciences 120 University Private Monday 19th October 12-1pm & 7:30-9pm Tuesday 19th October 12-1pm & 7:30-9pm Wednesday 19th October 12-1pm Art of Sri Chinmoy Gallery 54 Elgin Street (corner of Queen) FREE:  for reservations call 613-422-0308 www.ottawameditation.org...

Salt Lake City Oct16

Salt Lake City

Friday 16 & Saturday 17 October 6-7.30 pm Sage’s Cafe – Jade Room 234 West 900 South FREE:  for info call 866-326-3565

London, UK Oct09

London, UK

Sunday 4th October 2-4pm Friday 9th October 7.30pm – 9pm FREE:  for reservations call 020 8876 6049 The London School of English 15 Holland Park Gardens London W14 8DZ...

Let’s Meditate!

Let’s Meditate is the experience of joy and inspiration created in collective meditation. This program has been developed to offer you the genuine experience of meditation. For those new to meditation it offers a simple and practical introduction. For the more experienced, it is an opportunity for an energizing group experience of peace and inspiration with live music, guided visualization and mantras. The programs are created by skilled teachers, many with over 30 years of meditation experience.

Added value of meditating with others

We all know the value of peace of mind in our lives and the challenges that arise in our daily meditation practice. When we meditate in a group, meditation becomes much easier. It gives us a boost of encouragement to continue with our own individual meditation practice at home. When people come together to meditate in a group, there is a special synergy that makes the meditation deeper and more powerful, which can lead to personal insights and a brighter way of seeing and experiencing the world. Let’s Meditate creates the uplifting group environment where everyone can enjoy meditation together.

More than just meditation

One more thing: Meditation is more than just feeling peaceful. Meditation opens up doors to your own hidden capacities and creativity. This energy manifests in sports, creative fields and the inspiration to serve those around us. Meditation will enable you to discover the wellspring of energy that resides deep inside you, so that you can access it and share it with others.

Why is it free?

Let’s Meditate is always offered free of charge. All follow-up events – classes or concerts – are free as well. The tradition of sharing spiritual truths, insights and teachings at no cost dates thousands of years back to a time when the Vedic seers first started to meditate and contemplate the meaning of life. Spirituality is the birthright of every human being. When we meditate we discover our own innate spirituality, and this discovery contributes to the evolving consciousness of the world – which is a good thing for everyone! Unlike most other meditation events or courses, never at any stage will you be asked to pay a fee or give a donation. Quite simply, we the organizers have received so much in our lives from meditation, it gives us joy to share it. And we hope you will do the same and share meditation and spread it further.

Who we are

Let’s Meditate is organized by experienced meditators who have been practicing for decades under the direct guidance and teachings of spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy. Each one of us meditates on a daily basis and has com to know the necessity of fostering sincerity, humility and enthusiasm in our practice. Together we have given meditation classes to over 100,000 people in over 30 countries around the world. As regular practicing meditators, we know the value of group meditation and would be grateful for the opportunity to share this inspiration with you.