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Let’s Meditate events are being held in cities around the world. If you would like a Let’s Meditate event to come to your city or campus, please let us know!


“It’s wonderful that meditation is dealt with in a delicate way making it accessible for so many people on all levels.”

–Phillip S. (Amsterdam)


“I have been given the tools to recover a sense of personal peace and power that I thought was lost.”

–Daily J. (San Diego)


“Very Beneficial. Also good because its non-judgmental and non-denominational.”

–Lori M. (New York)


“Really wonderful. Took us gently by the hand and explained meditation in a ‘non-mysterious’ way.”

–Linda D. (Seattle)


“I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and came away with a feeling of peace and some tips on how to meditate.”

–Chris R. (Dublin, Ireland)


“Wonderful! The feeling is so welcoming.”

–Michelle B. (San Diego)


“This was a wonderful, worth-while, mind expanding experience.”

–Rick M. (Seattle)


“A priceless investment in my future.”

–Stefan H. (Seattle)


“I enjoyed the program and found it both informative and enlightening.”

–Nico S. (Bonn, Germany)


“Your program was both informative and entertaining. I benefited from the ideas and insights.”

–Lee P. (Los Angeles)


“Very inspiring!”

–Sherry H. (The Hague, Holland)


“Very healing, emotionally and physically.”

–Kelsie T. (Victoria BC)